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How to Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a detailed list of question and answers around ordering and pick up to ensure you feel comfortable. However, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

As a customer, how do I place an order?

We have an online farm store where we list all of our available products for purchase.

If you would like to pay credit, you can order online from the harvest menu, choose your pick up location or delivery if your address is within our service area and once you finish checking out and submit payment, your order will be automatically entered into our production/harvest queue. 

If you would like to pay cash, you can still use our farm store to review our product selections but you'll need to provide your order via email, Instagram Direct Message, or via text 727-303-1113. 

When will my order be ready?

For home cooks (non-wholesale accounts) we have a production schedule that provides a standard harvest menu with farm fresh produce every week. All products are harvested and ready for pick up/delivery within 24-48 hours to guarantee freshness, nutrition and taste. Orders are first come, first serve and we will notify you if we run out of stock for that week.


We also have a grow to order section of our menu that includes more specialty crops and live trays (coming soon) that we will add to our production cycle once payment is submitted and are grown specifically for you.

Professional Chefs and Wholesale Customers, please see our wholesale page for details around partnerships and delivery.

Is there a way I can guarantee my order?

Our current standard harvest menu has an 8-12 day production schedule and outside major crop failure or an unforeseen circumstance, if you place your order prior to the Monday of the previous week, we will sow to order for you as part our that weeks harvest schedule.

How do I get my order once it is ready?

For February 2020, we are offering FREE HOME/OFFICE DELIVERY with $12 minimum order on Thursdays and Fridays. Delivery Tips are welcome and encouraged to help our small farm support tolls, gas, and maintenance on our vehicles.

Service Area - Thursdays:

 Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Palmetto, Gulfport  St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park 


Service Area - Fridays:

Largo, Clearwater, Tampa, Brandon, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Palmetto

We will coordinate with you within 24 hours of expected delivery to confirm your address and our time of arrival. Since our goods are highly perishable, we ask that you are available for our driver upon arrival and provide a good phone number that we can text or call if needed. We will do our best to work with you for a time that is most convenient and can come to home or office, whichever you choose. 

By your request we can leave your purchased goods at your requested location without direct receipt, however we have a policy that we can't guarantee freshness or any liability once we have dropped off.

If you are outside our current delivery service area, you can still choose to pick up from one of our partner pick up locations or work with us for a meet up location in our service area.

Do you have pick up options if I can't do delivery or would rather pick up?

Absolutely! Pick ups are always free, no minimums, and we have two options at this time:

1) We are partnered with Savory Spice Shop in Downtown, St. Petersburg for pick up anytime after 11am on Thursday.

2) You also can also find us at the Royal Palm Night Market on most Thursday's from 6-10pm, We will notify you if we are not at market to arrange another option.

We know our pick up locations are limited, but we are working diligently on expanding our partnerships throughout Tampa Bay to provide more options soon.

I have a special event coming up, do you take custom orders?

We are open to discussing your situation and providing a personalized experience as long as there is a fit. Please fill out our custom order form with your contact information and a brief description of your need and we will follow up within 24-48 business hours.

How do I pay?

For grow to order via our online farm store we are partnered with Square and we accept debit and all major credit cards.


We do offer the option of paying in cash in person upon pick up for the following week or a future growing cycle. Either way, order payment must be received prior to new crops being added to our production queue.


If we already have extra crops in our production cycle that cover your cash order in production, we will honor cash on delivery.

How do I handle microgreens after pick up?

Most microgreens are highly perishable and are sensitive to over handling. Heavier crops like sunflower can take a bit more exposure and handling but as a general rule we recommend always keeping them refrigerated, washing prior to immediate use, and consuming as close to harvest as possible.

Our sunflower will stay fresh up to 1.5 weeks, our delicate microgreens are best and most nutritious when consumed within 4 days of harvest, though will keep if handled properly up to 7-10 days (all based on the crop itself).

Our hand blended raw microsalads should be consumed within 5 days for optimal freshness and nutrition but will last longer if handled properly.

I want to buy from you on regular basis, do you have a subscription or loyalty program?

We are looking to add a Subscription Program in March 2020. Stay tuned via Instagram, Facebook or our newsletter.

Do you take donations?

Yes! We are always looking for ways of supporting our community and part of our mission is to give a portion of our harvest each month to local food shelters so ALL people can have access to clean, organically grown, healthy food. Any donation provided will help us continue to support our community and pay it forward proactively each month.

Can I resell your crops?

No! We are not currently permitted to allow for reselling of our microgreens by other farms or vendors. We are selling to you as direct to consumer purchasing only.