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Cultivating the Farm to Table Experience

Drunken Cabbage Farm is a year-round Urban Farm located in Palmetto, Florida offering superior Microgreens and Seasonal Produce that provide the "Farm to Table" experience for both the professional and home Chef.​

We believe in cultivation with care. We know living soil and the beautiful Florida sun makes delicious and nutritious food that is also aesthetically pleasing. As such, part of our to growing methodology is to cultivate all of our products in organic soil, and outdoors as weather permits.

There are times the Florida climate isn't kind to some of our delicious products we offer, so on our farm, we do have an indoor, climate controlled growing environment used as necessary.


We take pride that we do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides on any part of our land and we eat what we grow. We are also are proud to be Certified Naturally Grown.

We are proud to cultivate the perfect flavors, colors and textures with our crops. As such, we create post harvest, by hand, all of our own signature Microblends and Microsalads from individuals crops that are sowed to their optimal harvest times and cultivation requirements then blended with ratios from recipes developed by us through our farm's R&D program.

Drunken Cabbage Farm is a family managed business and is home to a whole flock of organically fed, pasture raised Chickens who help the farm to cut down on pests, make nutrient rich compost, and provide fresh, delicious eggs. We also have one crazy German Shepherd who thinks she runs the place.

We feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love and support our community with the highest quality food. We’d love for you to partner with us and enjoy.

Coming Soon

2020 Expansion Roadmap

Beginning in early 2020, we will be partnering with a commercial kitchen and securing our Florida Food Permits to be able to offer "ready to eat" microgreen salads with our Farm to Table Microgreens and other local products.


We will also expanding our partnerships to offer more of our farm's products including our organically fed, pastured raised eggs. 


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